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Gene Lenard, D.O.     email


Gene Lenard, D.O., from the San Diego area, is the current President of AFDMA and another enthusiastic advocate for the FDM.  He was introduced to the FDM by Dr. Ray Andreassen at an AKOMA conference and credits Stephen Typaldos and the FDM with giving him his wife back. He has hosted an FDM Module 1 Seminar in San Diego in 2009 and is planning on another one in 2012.  Dr. Lenard is our newest certified FDM instructor and he really enjoys instructing both medical students and physicians in the FDM.  He looks forward to leading the AFDMA as we expand the number of courses we offer and begin developing research projects in the FDM. It is an exciting time to lead this vibrant young organization.

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Todd Capistrant, D.O. email


Todd Capistrant, D.O., originally hails from Minnesota. He is a graduate of Des Moines University and U of MN Bethesda Family Practice Residency. After residency he joined a busy practice in western Wisconsin. He moved his family to Alaska to pursue his passion for dog sled racing and the beauty of Alaska. He and his wife (Anne) have competed in and completed the famous Iditarod Sled Dog Race and they still have a team of sled dogs. His daughters have taken over the role of racing the dogs. Now that Todd is spending less time racing dogs he has embraced teaching and spreading the FDM. He works as a member of department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Tanana Valley Clinic/ Banner Health in Fairbanks, Alaska. His practice has grown rapidly over the past years in large part due to the power of incorporating the FDM in to his Osteopathic practice. He feels the FDM provides a valuable perspective through which all of Osteopathic Medicine can be explained. He is particularly excited about the freshness that the FDM brings to his practice of medicine, enabling him to treat injuries that had previously not been possible. In the spring of 2011 he was honored with the “Rising Star” award by the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation. Dr. Capistrant is a certified FDM instructor and is very interested in teaching the FDM to change the way musculoskeletal injuries are treated in modern medicine. He is the Vice President/President-Elect of the AFDMA Board.

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Ann Shea, S.O., Au.D. email


Ann Shea was introduced to the FDM through her relationship with Stephen Typaldos. She is the Treasurer of the board who and a strong advocate for the FDM. She is a Doctor of Audiology, and brings many talents and ideas with her. Dr. Shea has attended International FDM Symposiums in Hawaii, Japan, and Austria, and sat in on numerous FDM seminars. In this photo she is sitting outside Keisuke Tanaka’s office in Fukuoka, Japan. She a strong background in the model, and commitment to Stephen Typaldos’ vision.

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Marjorie Kasten, P.T. email


Marjorie Kasten, P.T. has been working to advance the FDM from behind the scenes since early 1997 when she started asking Stephen Typaldos “What can I do to help you?” That help included editing his books, taking photographs and videos to be used in his seminars, webmaster, bookkeeper, and assisting in any way possible to bring Dr. Typaldos’ vision forward.  She started the AFDMA in motion in 2007 and has served as the Executive Director.  She developed FDM Inversion Therapy based on Typaldos’ model and has taught inversion in Japan, the US, Austria and Germany.  She has also been a table trainer at numerous FDM courses in the US.  She enjoys teaching and looks forward to more opportunities because “The FDM has truly changed my life.”  Her private practice physical therapy office offers only FDM treatments. In 2010 she wrote two books: An Introduction to the Fascial Distortion Model and Which Way is Up When You’re Upside Down? (FDM Inversion Therapy Explained).  She is currently the Secretary for the AFDMA Board.  Pictured here with her husband John, she is looking forward to writing more books about the Fascial Distortion Model.

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Byron Perkins, D.O. email


Byron Perkins, D.O., from Anchorage, Alaska, is a founding member of the AFDMA and the immediate Past-President. He is a certified FDM instructor and he uses the FDM daily in his family practice at Cornerstone Clinic in Anchorage. Dr. Perkins enjoys teaching medical students and actively promotes the FDM to every medical student, intern, or resident who comes through his office.  He brought the FDM to Burkina Faso, West Africa and Mongolia in 2009 and he returns to assist in the FDM Seminars in Burkina Faso held yearly by the EFDMA.  Growing up in Japan, he speaks Japanese and has a heart connection with Japan.  After the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, he joined with some of our FDM practitioners in Japan and they provided free clinics in some of the devastated areas, correcting as many injuries as they could in a few days.

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Ray Andreassen, D.O. email


Ray Andreassen, D.O. lives and works in Delta Junction, Alaska and was a founding member of the AFDMA and our first president. Andreassen is credited with bringing the FDM to Alaska, after attending an FDM Seminar in Portland, OR in March of 2002. Stephen Typaldos taught in Alaska three times in 2004 and 2005 and loved the enthusiasm with which Andreassen enticed his peers to come and learn about the FDM. Although the two men only knew each other for a few years, there was a strong bond between them, perhaps fostered by the many years that Andreassen’s father had encouraged him to go find out what Stephen Typaldos was doing.  Although isolated in northern Alaska, Ray Andreassen remains a strong advocate for the FDM and an avid FDM practitioner.

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Holly Macriss email

Holly Macriss of Sacramento, CA is our new Executive Director.  She comes to us not only with executive director experience, but she was in that position with the Alaska Osteopathic Medical Association (AKOMA) when Stephen Typaldos went to Alaska for the first time in 2004.  Holly witnessed the enthusiasm of the doctors attending the seminars and became a great promoter and proponent for Dr. Typaldos and FDM training.  She was instrumental in bringing the FDM to Hawaii, where we held the first US FDM seminar and international meeting following Dr. Typaldos’ passing.  We welcome Holly and are thankful for the experience and enthusiasm that she brings to our board.